Cosy Cats Cattery

Cosy Cats have 20 licenced cattery units, each unit can accommodate 2 cats. We also have 4 units that can accommodate up to 4 cats. Cats that are sharing a unit must be from the same family. The cattery is fully heated during the colder months and with full building insulation, stays cool during the warmer months. Each unit has a sleeping shelf with a window so your cat can watch the world go by even if it doesn’t feel like stepping outside. We provide snuggly blankets, toys, food bowls and litter trays. However, if your cat is partial to a special blanket or toy we’re happy for you to bring these things with you, along with anything else that you feel will help settle your cat in.

Each unit enjoys a secure outdoor run where your cat can feel the fresh air and watch the endless scenes of birds and rabbits feeding. The secure outdoor run contains a ramp up to a viewing platform, as all cats like to perch or just a perfect spot for snoozing.

We encourage playtime, and cuddles are provided at no extra cost.

Cosy Cats serve their meals twice a day, this can be either wet or dry or a combination of both, fresh water is always provided. We would prefer to keep to your cat’s routine so at the time of booking just let us know your preferences. Any prescription food/special diet must be supplied.

Cosy Cats generally use wood based litter but if your cat would prefer something else please let us know.

Being apart from your cat can really pull at the heart strings, however if you’re as crazy for your cats as we are and you would like reassurance that they’re enjoying their stay we can provide you with updates either via text message, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.